How is Razorpay Payment Gateway

 Razorpay vs Instamojo Review Customer Service and the story How is Razorpay Payment Gateway review

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Promote Your Business to The Next Level with OCOCOC by JustBaazaar Note - we provide best in class Customer Service 01:00 - Razorpay and Instamojo Review 02:00 - How is Razorpay Payment Gateway 03:00 - Razorpay Payment Gateway Review 04:00 - Instamojo Payment Gateway Review 05:00 - Reasons not to go for Razorpay 06:00 - Pros and Cons of Razorpay 07:00 - Top Payment Gateways in India Razorpay Review by Sunil Chaudhary, India's Leading Digital Coach and Business Growth Consultant
Razorpay Payment Gateway Review How is Razorpay

How is Razorpay Payment Gateway?

if all goes well, all is good with Razorpay. However, if something is wrong in the setup, you be assured to get things messed up by the Razorpay team. Very silly and sleeping customer service team by Razorpay. Razorpay Payment Gateway Review

Instamojo Review

How is Instamojo Payment Gateway

Razorpay review

As per my understanding and experience, do not use Razorpay

how is Razorpay payment gateway

As per customer service, the worst payment gateway in India

razorpay customer care number

Stop using Razorpay no need to find a customer care number


is a payment gateway famous for not providing any customer support

razorpay login

no need to login into Razorpay as I request you not to use Razorpay

razorpay payroll

I doubt the whole Razorpay team is the same, So, I am pretty assured to use Razorpay payroll as well

razorpay software

Razorpay is a payment gateway SAAS service. SaaS is Software as a service

payment gateway review

I give 4 out of 10 to Razorpay and -1000 out of 10 to Razorpay Customer Service

Razorpay dashboard

I have shown my Razorpay dashboard in the live video, but there is nothing. Razorpay silly customer service team tells me that everything is OK

how to use Razorpay,

Do not worry about this as after watching this video, you will not even think about using Razorpay

Instamojo review,

Overall Instamojo is a good platform. they still need to make the changes suggested in the video

how is Instamojo,

review payment gateway,

This video is a review and experience of mine about Razorpay and Instamojo payment gateway India I have shown in the video the most popular payment gateways
  • stripe,
  • cashfree,
  • ccavenue,
  • payumoney,
  • juspay,
best payment gateway India, In this video, you can see the best payment gateway options in India CCAvenue is one of the best
razorpay complaints
top payment gateways India,
razorpay is set to be doomed,
razorpay doomed,
razorpay news,


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