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List of SignPosting Words for IELTS Preparation

 Hey, in this post, we are discussing the Sign Posting words. Sign Posting words are not only useful for IELTS Preparation but also for overall effective communication. Try to use more signposting words in your verbal as well as written communications. Therefore, the list of signposting words is highly useful for bloggers as well. List of SignPosting Words for IELTS Preparation Signposting words and phrases make the communication and writing more coherent and easy to understand for the people. That is a great reason to use these words and phrases. The signposting words and phrases make more clear what has happened and what is about to happen next. Signposting words and phrases work as a guide to the listener/reader. Why Signposting is important for IELTS? You speak better, you can write better, and you can understand better. Therefore signposting words are useful for all the IELTS Sections. Get familiar with signposting words so that you are better equipped to score more in IELTS Exam.