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IPL 2023 Schedule, Time, Venue and more

 IPL 2023 Schedule, Time Table, Venue, and more. The Tata Group is the title sponsor for IPL seasons 2022 and 2023. IPL 2023 Schedule, Time, Venue, and more With so many cricket enthusiasts, what's not to love about 2023 IPL – Cricket? With this in mind, if you don't want to miss out on the latest news in regards to IPL - Cricket, follow these 3 steps below and never miss a beat! The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the 16th season of this highly anticipated summer cricket tournament. The matches for IPL 2022 will take place between March 22 and May 25, 2023. The general public can purchase tickets starting January 15, 2023. IPL 2023 is set to occur from May 25th through June 11th, with the Grand Finals being held on May 28th. For the first time, the franchise-based Indian Premier League (IPL) will feature double the number of participating teams. BCCI has announced that in IPL 2023 there will be 10 teams which is twice as much as what was seen until now. This announcement isn