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Webinar Meaning in Hindi

 Hey, welcome to my blog post where I am talking about the meaning of webinars in Hindi and in other languages. Webinar Meaning in Hindi First, let us understand the meaning of a webinar in English  You must have heard about the Seminar.  A Seminar is a conference or meeting attended by a group of large people who are interested in the same niche, same business or same objectives. Difference Between Conference and Seminar  When participants express their views on the topic, it is generally at a conference. However, when participants just observe, watch and listen to the speakers, it is considered a Seminar. What is Webinar? The same seminar when happens over the web. the web is also called the internet or online space. When a seminar happens over video calls, it is called A Webinar.  in the online world also, both options are there. Conference and Webinar. At a conference, most participants share their views and have a discussion. It is mostly done with a small group of people. and in