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Cloud Storage and Peace Of Mind

 Hey, welcome here. So, you are interested in Cloud Storage and peace of mind both at the same time. It is rare but available. Go through the post and you will know the best available cloud storage option.

Cloud Storage and Peace of Mind

Cloud Storage Options Best Top Safe secure Guaranteed Free From Breaches

Cloud Storage Options Best Top Safe secure Guaranteed Free From Breaches

Why Do You Need Cloud Storage?

Let me share my story - the real story with you. With my story, you can decide whether you need good cloud storage or not. I am sure you need it.

Since I started using the internet and I was looking for a job in 2006, I had to share my resume with the recruiters and HR Professionals, That time I realised that I need some online storage (Now Called Cloud Storage).

When I got the jobI bought a phone, and life was cool. I took many photos and downloaded a few movies and songs to my phone. I got out of the memorybought a memory card, and still it was not helpful or enough.

I would love to have some more. Even the memory card was always at risk of losing data.

I got to know about cloud storage.

And I got very happy with cloud storage. I could access it anytime and could share things with a click with anyone, be it photosmusicmoviessongs, or professional docs.

Copy of All Important Documents on Cloud Storage

Later I realized that I should have a copy of all my documents on cloud storage for safety. Even if something happens to physical copiesI would always have access to cloud storage. I started that. Now, I access all of my documents online.

  • My mark sheets
  • My resume
  • Insurance papers
  • Appointment letters
  • Experience letters
  • Certificates
  • Finance and Property Papers
  • Important Photos
  • Music — now we have apps — so no need
  • Movies — now no need as the internet is there to watch any move — and we have unlimited internet.
  • Digital tools
  • Software / Windows software

And, much more

Now, I use pCloud - My Favorite Cloud Storage with the Best Security and Encryption and the most affordable price.

Lets Read Below 

With Cybercrime and Ransomware hitting the headlines, is there any such thing as peace of mind?

Not if you are using cloud platforms with a historical record for data breaches.

There is one cloud platform that challenged over 600 hacking organizations, with over 2800 participants, from 92 countries, with a $100,000 reward to anyone who could hack into their encryption.

Given 180 days to complete the challenge and in six months, there were zero hacks.

Have a look for yourself:

 pCloud Crypto Challenge - $100,000 

 pCloud Crypto results

With pay-once - Get The Best Cloud Storage

Lifetime plans starting with 500GB for $175 and pCloud Crypto (Military Grade Encryption) for those sensitive documents for a pay-oncelifetime of $125, is your peace of mind worth just one cup of coffee a day?

• Check out the subscription plans here

• Pay-once, Lifetime plans here

• Military grade encryption here

Get The Peace of Mind and The Best Cloud Storage For Yourself Today

  1. Lifetime Plans HERE
  2. Crypto Plan HERE

Crypto Challenge Results:

Benefits of Having Cloud Storage

When you store data on a cloud storage system, you're able to access it from anywhere in the world. The system is also highly scalable and can be accessed anytime, so you don't have to worry about retrieving your data if you forget or lose your USB flash drive. The most significant benefits of using cloud storage are never losing your data and being able to access it from anywhere in the world.

Cloud storage is a service that lets you keep your documents, computer files and other digital content in servers which can be accessed from anywhere as if they are actually in your device. When you store things in cloud storage, you're basically storing them on an internet server rather than your hard drive.

Cloud storage has become the most convenient way for small businesses to store their data and is a reliable alternative to tape backup. Here are five reasons why you should consider cloud storage as a viable option to your current backup strategy.

Cloud storage is your own private space in the cloud where you can keep all of your stuff. It's easy to use, accessible anywhere you go and comes with 5 amazing benefits: security, cost saving, anytime access, no hassle backup & sync and fast file transfer

Cloud storage is a data storage model where data is stored on servers rather than local devices. With increasing need for storing and accessing data, cloud storage has become an affordable, convenient and safe platform to store large amounts of information that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

You can store your data in the cloud storage, get more storage when you need it, save money on expensive hardware and software maintenance.

Pros and Cons of Having a Cloud Storage

Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage Best Cloud Storage Option

6 Things to Consider Before Buying Cloud Storage 

  1. Integration with other software products
  2. Data backup and recovery capabilities
  3. Cost
  4. Security features
  5. Collaboration features
  6. Anywhere access


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