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What is Google’s Helpful Content Update

Google always focuses on user experience or Helpful Content and always wants to give the best and most informative content for their use. they always change their algorithm which means they are always satisfied with them. In February 2011 google brought Panda update for the low-quality site so that many website rankings were down, as like 18 August 2022 google announced Helpful Content Update for low-quality content.

Many bloggers and site owners are scared of what will happen to their websites after this update, I always say throughout my post always focus on good quality content and helpful content that will add value to user knowledge and life.

But there are so many newbies who are just attracted by money and start blog websites to make money through them without an understanding of blogging, what SEO is and how google works.

Google always said through their blog people create content for people, not search engines, so users who want to know the answer to their query are always satisfied with your content.

That is why Google announced a Helpful Content Update that will target low-quality content and Googe’s helpful content update also introduces a new ranking signal( Factor) for ranking the best page on the search.

Google’s Helpful Content Update

Google announced on 18 August 2022 and shared the content on Twitter about helpful content and clearly written: helpful content written by people, for people, in search results.

In this Twitter link, you can read everything about helpful content updates.

How Will affected Helpful Content Update Our website

Google powerfully wrote to focus on people’s first content, not on search engines. If you have an exciting and intended base audience for your business or website and users find useful content then you are on the right track and do not need to be scared about this update.

This update affects your website or blog if you have been creating content for google and SEO, Or if you create content through AI tools like Jasper and publish spinning content and also create low-quality content with low value and a number of words of multiple content.

How To safe Our Website From Google Helpful Content Update

If you want to keep your website safe from google helpful content updates. Then these steps will help you to save your website.

Create content by people for people

Do not create content just for google and SEO.

Do not use AI written content or spinning content

Create authentic content from your expertise

Do not produce just content produce value

How google’s Helpful content update will work

The helpful content update will start rolling out on 18 august next week. It will take two weeks to roll out and this update introduces a new site-wide signal that we consider as another ranking signal google says their systems automatically identify unhelpful low quality, low content.

This entire automated process will be automated using a machine learning model. and also it is not manual action and spam action instead, it’s just a new signal as many on google ranking signal.


Helpful content update is the best and new google ranking factor and signal as google updates every month but it is something content base update google wants to stop low quality and low-value content from search engines and want to show helpful content for users if produce content for people with high value then you are on the right path. So now focus on your helpful content rather than google.

From this update, only English searches will be impacted

People first content still ranks even if if your content is unhelpful


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